Paint a Picture. Tell a Story.

Get prepped to include visual storytelling and data design to tell your story in a way that connects with your audience.

Prove your impact and get more supporters.
To create a truly effective, visual storytelling, data-driven annual report it's important to get organized. 

This Prep Guide provides step-by-step details to help you assign a budget, gather up your assets, figure out who's going to write content, and much more.

Packed with checklists and worksheets, the Prep Guide makes it easy to get started. You'll be able to create a great report whether you do it yourself or hire a marketing team.

Created by our experts in visual storytelling and data design, the Prep Guide will set you up for success. And you can impress your boss with the specific plan you'll develop to design and create your annual report.

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Digital Annual Report Prep Guide

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Make sure the right people within your organization are on board.
Find and curate your assets, plan your timeline, and figure out budgeting.
Plan key goals and metrics based on understanding your target audience.